Wild Camping in Mount Longonot

Wild Camping in Mount Longonot was one of the most straightforward microadventures. At the same time, this is what they are supposed to be – simple and easy to organize.

From Naivasha Guesthouse to Sleeping in Volcanoes

While staying in a Naivasha Guesthouse, I was starting to feel a little restless and uninspired. For this reason, I packed up my bag and took a local bus from Naivasha to Mount Longonot.

In case you might be asking yourself, Camping in Mount Longonot is permitted although there is a designated campsite and an entrance fee for both the park and campsite itself.

Anyway, I met a local at the main gate named Gabriel and after a short discussion, we decided that the campsite was not exciting enough. Instead, we would hike to the rim of the crater and proceed to climb down inside of this ancient volcano where we could set up the tents.

Climbing Over and Into Mt Longonot

In short, this was a spectacular encounter but mostly for the fact that nobody goes down there. In many ways, this was one of the few times when I felt like an explorer, navigating uncharted territory and vulnerable to a very uncertain environment.

You can see a dense forest at the bottom of Mount Longonot and beneath this canopy, the landscape is very rocky and almost mountain like. In fact, it took more than 6 hours to cover just 5km and 3 hours to climb back out the next morning.

While safety on my Microadventures Ireland were focused on the cold weather, this one was more to do with snakes, leopard and staying hydrated. Here are just a few more photos from that trip:

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