Micro Review for Osprey Exos 58 Backpack for Microadventures

When I first decided to exchange my bicycle touring lifestyle for hiking trails in Ireland, the first thing I needed was a backpack.

At the time, I was using a large Vango backpack which did very little for my back and to be honest, I had no idea there would be much difference with any alternative. I know, newby.

Anyway, it turns out that choosing the best backpack for microadventures or multi-day hiking trips is very important. In fact, it took me just five minutes to be saying out loud “Wow what a difference”.

Finding the Best Backpack for Microadventures

Backpack osprey

Having tried on many backpacks in certain outdoor stores, I decided to research the Osprey Exos 58. Now, this was already an incredibly popular bag in terms of online reviews but even when I tried it on – it seemed to fit perfectly.

Either way, I decided to go with this one and here are just a few of my thoughts for the Osprey Exos 58 backpack:

Size and functionality

Honestly, the size is perfect for both small and large adventures. If you need to start a tent or roll mat onto the bag – easy. If you need to squeeze everything inside – just as easy.

My favourite part of this backpack for microadventures is the netting on the back and sides. This netting is extremely flexible and I even squeezed my tent into the large pocket on one occasion.

There are also two small pockets on the hip belt which are highly useful although it must be said, these should have been made a little bigger.


So far, I have taken this bag on many hiking trail in Ireland for many weeks on end and it has stayed strong throughout. At this moment, I am preparing to hiker the Pacific Crest Trail and this is the bag which I believe will see out the entire five month journey.


As I said, this would be a micro review of the best microadventure backpack and there is little more to say. The bag is extremely functional, highly comfortable and suitable for most outdoor adventures.

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